Getting Started
Prospective Officials
  1. To start the process of registering as a TSSAA Official, you must go to Arbiter Sports.  PLEASE NOTE:  REGISTRATION FOR THE 2017-18 SCHOOL YEAR IS OPEN NOW!  For detailed instructions on how to register, click here.
  2. Begin your off-season study of the rules.  Find an experienced official if possible to help guide you as a mentor.  There are also several study guides available for purchase.
  3. Attend the TSSAA state meeting.
  4. Attend MTFOA local meetings.
There are some steps you have to take to get started.
Welcome to the MTFOA
Tips for New Officials
Introduction to Officiating
18 Tips for Beginning Officials
Looking Official
  1. Collared football Referee Shirt with 2" stripes and TSSAA patch
  2. Football Pants with 1 1/4" white stripe
  3. Solid Black athletic shorts
  4. Black belt
  5. Solid black shoes or approved black shoes with white trim
  6. Black football officials hat - fitted
  7. Whistle with lanyard or finger whistle
  8. Down indicator
  9. Yellow penalty flag with a black ball
  10. Black bean-bag
  11. Chain Clip
  12. Game card holder with extra cards and pencils
  13. Penalty yardage/game signal card (optional)
  14. Field Radio - Midland Xtra Talk LXT500VP3 (varsity only)
Suppliers of uniforms and equipment can be found in the Helpful Links
So, you want to be a high school football official with the MTFOA?  You need to gear up.