Training and Education
A Word from Ronnie Perkins, MTFOA Recruitment and Retention Coordinator
​ Thank you for your interest in officiating football with MTFOA!
Our veteran officials will train you to become a high school football official.  You will learn the rules of the game, mechanics, penalty enforcement and game management. Before you know it, you'll be officiating high school football games.
We have an extensive training program with both classroom and live instruction. You will discuss nuances of the game, officiating techniques, specific game situation, as well as officiate actual games.

Your 1st step is to register with our association at MTFOA.ORG. Next, you must register with the state high school federation at TSSAA.ORG beginning on June 1st. You will begin receiving information about meeting dates etc.

If you have previous football officiating experience please forward the details of that experience to me at or should you have additional questions feel free to call me at 615-290-2660.

I look forward to partnering with you as you begin your football officiating journey with the MTFOA.
Ronnie Perkins, MTFOA Trainer
This training microsite helps new, reserve, and even seasoned officials learn or reinforce the basic fundamentals of rules and mechanics, tips when working the game clock on Friday night, helpful ideas and guidelines on how to communicate with coaches and players, and other information you just can't find in a rulebook or study guide.
To navigate within the training microsite, simply use the submenu at the top of the training module.  If you want to come back here, just click the home icon at the bottom of the page.  That's it!  There is a wealth of information available on each page, along with a wealth downloadable content toward the bottom of most sections.