Registration for 2018 Season
1. Registration for the 2018 season is OPEN
2. The deadline for registration is 
February 28, 2018.
3. Click the Download Registration Form button below to access and download the application. Complete all required fields, then click the red Submit Form via Email button at the bottom of the form.
  • Upon submission, the form will load the form in your default email program - the destination address is already complete, you need only to click send.
  • If your application does not download correctly, it can be saved to your computer locally and then manually attached to an email.  Applications should be sent to [email protected]
4. Step 2 is to submit your $60 payment via PayPal by clicking the Step 2 button below. This is the same procedure MTFOA used last year.


Step 2:
Pay Dues via
Step 1:
How to Pay Your 2018 MTFOA Dues
1.  First, complete and submit the form in Step 1 above.  All fields in RED are required.

2.  After form submission, you will need to pay the 2018 MTFOA dues at .  Click the Step 2 button above to be directed to the payment site. 

3.  PayPal accepts all major credit cards. DO NOT pay without first completing and submitting the online form above.

Important notes:

  • It is not necessary to log in to PayPal to make your payment.  You can simply click gray Pay with Debit or Credit Card button to pay.
  • If you make a payment as a guest, or under the account of a business, spouse, etc., be sure to send an email to [email protected] with the account or name you registered under along with your name.  We must have a record of payment for your registration for 2018 to be valid! 

4.  Enter ALL of your information on PayPal, including your mobile phone and email address that was entered on the original submission form, and click the blue Pay Now button at the bottom of the page (fig. 2)

5.  Once a successful payment is made, you will see a confirmation page on the website and receive a receipt via email - PRINT  OR SAVE THIS PAGE FOR YOUR RECORDS (fig. 3).  You will also receive a confirmation email.

(fig. 1)

(fig. 2)

(fig. 3)