Mechanics Guides
Points to Remember
  1. Player safety is your number one concern after your own.
  2. Make the tough call.
  3. Don't get emotionally involved.
  4. A pre-game conference is a must.
  5. If you look like an official, you'll perform like one.
  6. Count the players.
  7. Correct obvious errors.
  8. See the ball.
  9. Know the down and distance every time.
  10. Sell the call but don't over-officiate.
  11. Call what you see but see what you call.
  12. Don't guess - know
  13. If two officials are making a spot, one could be doing something else.
  14. Let the mind digest what the eye has seen.
  15. What effect does it have on the play?
  16. It's what you learn after you know it all, that counts.
  17. If on the wings, don't get trapped inside.
  18. Downfield, don't get beat deep.
  19. After throwing your flag, continue to officiate.
  20. After 4th down, kill the clock.
  21. Take a second to take a look.
  22. The three virtues of a good official are attitude, consistency, and competence.
  23. The only part of officiating to emphasize is your signaling.
  24. Be decisive - indecisiveness gives the impression of uncertainty.
  25. Never stand still during an entire down - people will think you are lazy.
  26. If officials are close enough to touch each other, there is generally something wrong.
  27. Don't get mad, and don't get even.
  28. If the fans and coaches don't know your name or who worked the game, you've had a great game.
  29. It is more important to get it right than to look good.
  30. Don't dillydally - if you are going to get it wrong, it is better to get it wrong quickly than it is to get it wrong slowly.
  31. False pride has no place in officiating.
  32. You're only as good as your next call.
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